The New Jersey Horse Info (NJHInfo.org) is a network of Horse Owners Helping Horse Owners.

The vision is to establish an information network in order to assist in the education and development of the New Jersey horse community.  Coordinated by a central committee of horse owners and professionals, there will be regional centers throughout the state to provide detailed information on resources available to horse owners and enthusiasts, both locally and statewide.  No endorsements will be made but guidelines on the selection of creible providers will be given.

The network will make extensive use of the information resources already available to the public through 4H, the Equne Sciences Center at Rutgers, NJ Horse Council, the Equine Advisory Board and NJ Agricultural Extnsion services but will expand upon them and enhance their visibility and accessibility.  Once in place, there will be a widespread media campaign with inforamtional flyers distributed through feed stores, tack stores, hay dealers, rescue operations, veterinarians, farriers, and county animal response teams (CARTS).